Operating theater inauguration

Operating theater inauguration
Today we have inaugurated the operating room of our center. Facilities that have received a significant endowment of equipment and material from El Centro Inglés.

In an emotional act, we have all remembered Linda Randell and her important work on the difficult path for animal protection and zero sacrifice. Her son, David Randell, has spoken on behalf of his mother and underlined her passion for animals with some anecdotes to this effect. Randell has emphasized the importance so that in an advanced society the love for animals is not in question.

The mayor, Germán Beardo, has discovered a plaque placed at the doors of Cemuproan as a sign of affection and appreciation for the work of Linda Randell.

This surgical room, pioneer in Andalusia, aims to follow the path of zero sacrifice in El Puerto. Since Cemuproan became operational, more than 2,000 animals have been found home, of which 500 have been adopted in the last year.

To finish, and after visiting the facilities, Germán Beardo insisted on the need to instill values ​​and that at Christmas adoption should be chosen over the purchase of animals.

Thanks to the Randell family, to the Environmental Service technicians, to the Urbaser concessionaire for their dedication, to the Cemuproan staff and to the collaborative hands that make the task of looking for another opportunity for the weakest a little easier.

To 2021!